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drawing myoriginaldrawing Image by jessica

#drawing #myoriginaldrawing #noreference #mydrawing #gameofthrones #sansastark #winteriscoming #anime my first attempt at anime style drawing ( I still think i'm too poor at it ) Inspired by the weekly drawing contest "anime" although I'm not participating in it. I've lost my patience with PA drawing contests, fellow artists try to vote for my paintings and never find it. So best is to avoid it and spare myself some agony...these contests are great for stirring up the imagination but what I see happening especially in drawing contests are artists draw over someone else's paintings or someone else's photograph without crediting the photographer or even mentioning that it's referenced...there's absolutely no crime in mentioning that the work is referenced, most if not all artists learn that way by means of a reference, but atleast mention it!!!! drawing over someone else's work doesn't show true creativity...just my thoughts. Anyways I thought of trying something outside my comfort zone..well the attempt was to draw Sansa Stark anime style but she turned out pretty young in this painting..got to practice more I guess to get the age right! Tips always welcome, would help me learn to draw better...enjoy the weekend!