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#freetoedit<br>Escape to sanctuary. Today has been a rough day. I broke down and went to see the doctor yesterday because I've been feeling off for a couple months: overly tired, no appetite (yet no weight loss), jittery, occassional tenderness in the throat, etc. The doctor took one look at me and said that it was probably my thyroid - the last few times it was tested it was just one or two points below normal. Not enough to need treatment, but enough to need to keep an eye on. Then the doctor ordered the most awful thing: bloodwork. I hate getting bloodwork. It isn't the needles so much - it's the fact that my veins are deep and hard to access. So I spent this morning and early afternoon trying to find a flobotomist (the person who draws blood) who could actually draw my blood. 3 clinics, 6 hours and 9 pokes later someone actually listened to me and tried my hands for veins. A minute later all four vials had the blood needed for testing. To chill out after all the stress, I went to my favorite park. Here is a scene from this afternoon. #nature #photography #landscape #forest #woods #water #tranquil #calm #nostress #sanctuary #afternoon #summer<br>#remixit
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Naomi Armendariz
Thanks @portraitsbynette - I hadn't considered celiac. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism run in my family so when the doctor mentioned the thyroid, I wasn't surprised. However, it might be a good idea to look into celiac as well. Thanks!
Naomi Armendariz
Thank you dear @__shadow__ I really appreciate it!
Naomi Armendariz
Well @portraitsbynette - it still isn't my thyroid. I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) 15 years ago so the doctor wants to check my ovaries again - to see if something is wrong. Ugh. More tests - and those awful ultrasounds...

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