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treasure kpop blue Image by posting hiatus sorry

Eyyy new edit😌

🌧type-simple aesthetic edit
🌧aesthetic- blue&clouds
🌧person- Yoon Jaehyuk- Treasure aka my bias wrecker
🌧time taken- 20-30mins
🌧my grade-meh nothing special but not hidious 7/10
🌧creds- @namjin_bts_7 the polarr filter they posted recently is one of the filters i used on this edit & obv sticker owners @btssofts i was going for something like their recent edit of i.n but i kinda got distracted and made this lol
🌧hashtags- #treasure #kpop #blue #aesthetic #blueaesthetic #clouds #kpopedit #jaehyuk #yoonjaehyuk #treasurejaehyuk 🌧more- Jaehyuk is literally the definition of a middle child, he’s so talented and precious yet so underappreciated😞i wanted to do an edit of yoshi since hes my bias (uwu i love him sm) but i couldnt find any suitable photos...anyways stan treasure
My eyes hurt from all the blue oof

🌧mood-😕my back hurts and im lazy
🌧song- i cant stop me by twice not a once but the song is great
🌧note- 🤠idk i have a new taglist so join lol

Blimeys💞 @luvlimelights @landofthelimelights @btssofts @ssamracha