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Benjamin Vespi oc myoc Image by Deactivated

Finally done! (zoom for more details)

Backstory and personality description comes next.

I bet most people will not even read it here.
If you're going to read it, thank you and say what you think!

Backstory: Benjamin was a bastard created by an elite family on the planet Tarah, home planet of the self-titled "Sons of Tarah," with a culture of a rigid body standard (with rare exceptions, but every Son of Tarah must have fur totally white, icy blue eyes, and semi-erect ears), a warlike people who live in battles, periodic looting of their colonized planets and the sale of a rare and yet abundant metal on their planet, the Tarahdenite (yeah, it all begins with "tarah"), Benjamin's mother, even committed , had fallen in love with a renegade Vespi, of forbidden love Benjamin was born, his adoptive father, Markus, welcomed him for his mother's sake, but after having Spencer (Benjamin's younger half-brother) she died mysteriously, Markus ended up blaming the bastard son internally for the death of his beloved, then sent him to Tarah's army, where Benjamin would learn the art of war through heavy training and ancestral and brutal fighting styles. Years of training perfected him and quickly led him to rise in the army because he was, for the most part, faster, stronger, and more agile than other soldiers. After decades of serving the army of the invader people, a feeling of emptiness began to torment him, as a solution to this he decided to go looking for his other Vespi brothers, but for this he would have to leave the army (an act considered treason by the people of Tarah), and he did so, he became a traitor and began to be hunted. Then he fled to Earth, looking for his people and his Old Home.

Personality (I think it's a bit disorganized, I just came out spreading things about him): discreet and somewhat shy, Benjamin is a balanced and patient type (but his patience may have a very tenuous limit, depending on his mood), he doesn't like (or doesn't know) show feelings (most often displaying a cold face), doesn't accept excessive physical contacts (especially of strangers), he has peaceful tendencies and prefers to follow logic instead of violence (despite the horrors of wars he witnessed and participated in), tends to hold grudges and possible emotional traumas (the loss of his mother is an example), is curious, clever, empathetic with those he loves and is extremely proud and persistent.

Some topics to highlight about Benjamin and the universe in which he lives:

- Benjamin certainly knows more than ten ways of killing and torturing someone. Various species have fear of him because of this.

- Some Vespi are hematophagous, feeding on blood, sometimes . Benjamin is one of them.

-You can tear Benjamin's head off, rip out his guts, open craters in his flesh, cut off his veins and let the blood flow, but he won't die.

-The surname Black is given (on the planet Tarah) to the bastards who are half Vespi and half Son of Tarah. They are very rare.

-In this universe that I created, the 'Earth' would be a utopian place filled with technology and a 'common place' for all terrestrial or extraterrestrial creatures.

-The 'humans' living on Earth would be a heterogeneous mix of the three main species: Vespi (which for us would be the elongated sighthounds), Vöukir (which for us would be wolves, German shepherds, huskies, malamutes, wolf-dogs, coyotes And jackals) and the Sons of Tarah (which, despite the rigid body standard, cover what for us would be hunting dog breeds with the fur mostly white).

- The 'extraterrestrials' creatures would be the other beings that I didn't give names, like the felines, ruminants and reptiles (that btw live in their respective planets) that go to Earth constantly for tourism, commerce, etc.

Sorry for my bad english and... anyone want to draw him? I'd love to see him in your different styles of art!

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