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First place will get...... Two Image by ♡Jordan♡

First place will get......
Two edits, a shout out, and icon

Second place will get.......
2 edits, and a shout out

Third place will get.......
An edit, and a shout out

If you would like to enter get your edits in quick! There's only 3 spots left!
People that have already entered: @limelight_seavey99 @luvlybesson @aesthetically_marais @evycottet @wdwboyss7 @why_shouldnt_we
If you are going to enter or already have and I didn't tag you send your edit to me! To enter see my last post for details! And good luck!

Tag list: @luvlybesson @limelight_seavey99 @chloesellers8 @why_shouldnt_we @allie_ayee @officialcchicago @avaxcorbynrp @aesthetically_marais @chelsi_lynn @limelights_unite @evycottet @wdw_sxdemxn69
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