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underwater water planets light Image by Lylee Mettka

#freetoeditFirst off, Thank you guys for 1k followers. 1k doesn‘t sound as much, but it feels like 1000 followers. I know its the same, but if you see it like that it looks a lot more. And i think 1000 followers are a lot. As with every milestone I will show my greatest supporters and best artists I know in my opinion. So lets start.

1. @rfg99pics like always. An awesome photographer, my greatest and earliest supporter and a very kind and funny person. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me from the beginning!

2. @mrsorriso1747 an amazing photographer too and also a positive and kind supporter.

3. @unknownb0y and @mish_sho_na are so sweet and also supported me a lot. You both have really nice art style and I wish you two love birds an amazing time.

4. @kuller a very big thank you to you too. A very nice and helpful person and very patient when teaching you new things about photography or cameras haha.

5. @dtsdk just an amazing editor who you can always count on making tutorials for you. Thanks for all your support! I really appreciate it.

6. @reversevisuals I know there was a time where we were better off with each other, but i still want to thank you for the great support in the beginning and for inspiring me to try surrealism. You are a wonderful and inspiring artist. I believed in you from the very beginning.

7. @fox_fang just awesome. For real though. You are just an amazing person. You can photograph, you can edit, you are kind and funny, aaand you live in austria which is a plus haha.

8. @angel-yunque7 thanks for always reposting my stuff hehe :)

9. @lillobalillo super sweet and talented person. I adore your work. Everytime i look at it i just think, how is she doing this. This is incredible. Always a surprise.

10. @renameduser44968 i know you left, but i want you here on that list because we met right in the beginning and you made me a more passionate artist. Thank youuu.

Now. I got a new one here. Not a supporter, but a great editor. And even though i never liked Kpop and will probably never like it I think her/his collages are amazing. I don’t care that they are about Kpop. They are just so cool. Please check out that page. I can asure you that if you like collages you will like the profile! I present (drummroll) @yoongi__0
Be happy ;)

And even though i listed here some people I still am greatful for all 1040 of you guys. So, everyone seeing this, liking this, commenting this, reposting this or even remixing this, THANK YOU.

#city #underwater #water #planets #light #shine #bright #dark #blue #street #curvy #1kfollowers #thankyousomuch #myedit #picsart #unsplash #edit

City in the back: unsplash
#remixed from @alienized , @b_ebrahim88