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btsarmy btsedit Image by madison with luv 💜

for @winter-moment 🐳
“i love you, you asshole.”
[WARNING: reader discretion is advised 🙈]

you laid on the couch, your back to jungkook as his strong arms held you against him. cuddling with jungkook like this helped you relax after a stressful day at work. especially when his lips danced their way up your neck, your thoughts just float away, replaced with jungkook and the way his teeth grazed the skin behind your ear.

his hand rubbed its way up and down your side and you let your head fall back.

“aah~ jungkook.” you moaned, his hands and lips continuing to make you feel at ease.

“agus ah. does it feel nice?” he whispered in your ear as he squeezed your thigh. the tone in his voice turned slightly darker, which had goosebumps erupting all down your arms.

“mm...” you answered, too spaced out to say anything more.

“really...?” his hand snaked around to your stomach, slowly rubbing circles further down. you groaned low in your throat. you were completely turned on and so ready for whatever he was about to do. “agus ah. what would you do if i stopped?” and with that, he detached himself from you, his hand was retracted from beneath the waistband of your shorts and his lips were pulled from your neck.

“jungkook!!” you cried in protest although your eyes remained closed. that is so not what you were ready for.

“you gotta tell me you love me and then i’ll continue.” you could almost hear the smirk in jungkook’s voice as he spoke his request.

you craned your neck to look at him, trying to convey your momentary hatred towards him with a glare. all he did was look at you with a stupid smile plastered on his face, an expectant look in his eyes as he awaited your answer.

“i love you, you asshole.” you said, plopping back into your original position. suddenly, jungkook’s leg was swung over you as he pushed you onto your back. he was now on his knees hovering over you, a smug smile on his lips.

“ha. that’s what i thought.” he chuckled, though it didn’t match the lust-filled expression gleaming in his eyes.

jungkook’s lips pressed against your mouth, his kisses traveling down to your jaw. you tilted your head back, giving him more exposure to your neck. he proceeded to drag his lips down your neck, past your chest, past your belly button, stopping once his lips reached the fabric of your shorts. he placed his hands on your thighs as he stared back at you. you felt the heat grow in your stomach as he spoke his next words;

“now, let me help you unwind, baby.” and his teeth pulled on your waistband.

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