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kimtaehyung v bts kpop kpopedit btsedit Image by mari 강

for @celeste_luvs_jimin ’s cousin, abby
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“tae!” you shouted as he ran ahead of you, his arms outstretched as the cold wind blew through his hair. his long tan coat flipping up from the wind as he stopped and turned to you, waiting for you to catch up with him. a smile spread over your face as his eyes sent a warmth through you, despite the winter weather. you caught up to him, taehyung catching your hand with his as the two of you continued to walk through the park. “jagi, your hands are so cold.” he commented, wrapping both of his large hands around your small one. smiling, your gaze left his, a group of children passing by. you witnessed as one girl lost hold of her balloon, it flying up and getting caught in the branches above. taehyung let go of your hand and quickly ran over to help. your heart warmed as you watched him walk over to the girl. he really loved people, he was so kind. after his long arms had retrieved the ballon and returned it safely to the little girl, he walked back to you, cheeks lit up as he grinned to himself. “that was sweet, tae.” you smiled as he grabbed hold of you hand again. he turned to you, long grey hair falling in his eyes. he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. “thanks abby ah.”

sorry this took so long to come out, i havent really been in a good mindset to write so im sorry if it sucks

yes this was inspired by the scene in while you were sleeping skksksslf
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