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btsarmy btsedit btsjhope Image by madison with luv 💜

for @connieal ✨
“well, this is where i live.”

“well, this is where i live.” you said as you unlocked the door to your small apartment, hoseok‘s head peering over your shoulder.

it wasn’t anything fancy, but it wasn’t dingy either. the walls and furniture were mostly white, as you were going for more of a modern feel for the interior. decorations were minimal, but you made sure that each piece was unique and personal to you. for example, the wooden “c” painted in your favorite shade of blue that was displayed on one of the many bookshelves throughout your home.

hoseok walked ahead of you, his eyes scanning the blue carnations detailed around the kitchen. a smile lit up his face as he examined every detail of your apartment, everything from the coffee tables to the paintings on the wall.

you stood behind him in the living room as he put down a picture frame of you as a child. he turned around, his eyes twinkling, as he walked towards you. he wrapped his arms around your waist as he rested his head on your shoulder.

“well, what do you think, hoseok?” you whispered, your heart beating as you awaited his answer.

“it’s beautiful, connie. i know you’ll make our house look amazing, just like this, one day.” he beamed back at you, his soft lips pressing against your cheek. you felt your chest tighten as a warmth spread throughout your body. imagining your future with hoseok left you feeling fuzzy inside.

“thank you, hoseok.” you murmured, wrapping your arms around him and kissing him on the lips.

aa hope you like this connie!! 💖💖
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