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monstaxwonho shinhoseok Image by madison with luv 💜

for @iloveexo6 💙
“how long are you gonna keep this up?”

the heat of hoseok’s body presses close as he pulls you into his lap. his eyes are blown with lust as he presses his nose against yours. you position your legs on either side of his, your hands against his chest for stability. your quick breaths mix with hoseok’s.

“veronica...” he whispers, looking up into your eyes. you smile down at him, biting your bottom lip. hoseok brings his mouth to meet yours, your lips melting together in a hot kiss.

quiet mumbles of hoseok’s name spill into his mouth as he continues to kiss you, his hands tugging at the end of your shirt. the cool touch of his fingertips trace up your spine, your back arching at the contact. hoseok’s hands move to take your shirt off, but you stop him before he pulls it over your head.

with a chuckle, hoseok retracts his hands from you. “really, veronica? how long are you gonna keep this up?”

you lean back to look at him, unsure of your emotions. every time you two are alone, it always ends up like this. you want to go farther with him, you really do, but your nerves always get the best of you. your eyes study the bare skin of hoseok’s chest. just the sight of him takes your breath away, brews an irresistible heat in your stomach.

hoseok huffs a deep breath as he glances up at you, waiting for a response.

“m-maybe i should just leave...” you stand up from his lap, fixing your clothes before gathering your stuff. tears threaten to spill down your cheeks as you search for your phone.

“wait, veronica,” hoseok stands up and grabs your wrist, “that’s not what i want.” he pulls you to face him.

“i’m sorry...” you sob, tears wetting your eyes. “i want you. i really do. i want to go further with you. i want to feel your body against mine. but i’m scared, hoseok. please... please help me-“ his lips silence your cries, his hands cradling your face as he kisses you. you feel something different behind this kiss, though. something more passionate, more intense than before.

his mouth opens as he gasps for air. you tangle your fingers in his hair as you kiss him back, hoseok’s hands making their way down to your thighs. he hooks his arm under your leg, backing you against the wall.

“i’ll help you, babe. i’ll make you feel amazing if you just trust me.” his voice is rough, his eyes filled with something you could only describe as love. his lips kiss and nip at your neck.

your heart is still racing from his words. hoseok presses himself closer to you, your head falling back in pleasure. you feel the wet heat of hoseok’s mouth against your ear, a moan instinctively falling from your lips.

“yes... hoseok. i want you to... i trust you.”

“mm, that’s my girl.” he whispered against your ear. his hand ran up your back, unclasping your bra. your hands fell down his back to the waistband of his jeans. you smiled as you looked back at hoseok, your noses touching.

“let’s go,” hoseok chucked, “before i rip these clothes off of you.” he lifted you up and threw you over his shoulder. you laughed as your kicked your feet, hoseok laughing with you as he carried you to the bedroom.

i realized after i’d finished writing this that i’d completely forgotten to use the prompt you requested. i’m so sorry! i hope you still liked it nonetheless 💖

i’m closing requests for these, btw. i can’t really make time to write them anymore... i just have one more to write and that will be the last! thank you to everyone who did request one, though! 💕
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