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for @yxgyeom 💖💕✨

~ wow ok haha hi guys !! ahhh i don’t really know where to start off with this but ... i guess I should start off with I’m sorry
I’m sorry for not updating so much and just taking so long to create edits ugh I know I’ve updated practically everyday, sometimes two in a day but I don’t know
im on break at the moment so I do have all the time in the world ... but sadly all that time is preoccupied by projects for school and all the free time that I do get from them I’m using to procrastinate so hard and it’s a struggle 😩 cause all I wanna do is lounge around and make edits and have peace but nuuuu

but okay I do feel so accomplished in making this edit because I finally got the motivation to actually sit down and do one ... which brings me to my next point

I just been having such a hard time with motivation .. idk if it’s because of the fact that I have a break from school and I’m just letting my procrastination take its course, or if it’s the thought of all these projects that I’m doing just weighing me down but man oh man I’ve just been so down ://

I keep wanting to just make stuff but something keeps stopping me and then I get into this whole depressed phase and all I wanna really do is just kinda stay in bed and not do anything. but I’ve been getting better I think haha I’ve been eating so horribly at the beginning of break and today was like a new start haha because of the fact I broke my streak of eating right, I got back on track today

maybe that’s why I was able to have that small sliver of motivation ... I don’t know honestly 😂😂

but I will be honest, because of the fact that I’ve been so depressed or upset or however you’d like to call it, I wanted to call for a hiatus. or at least a small one. But typing this out is making it hard to decide. And tbh, everytime I went back on here to announce that I was going on hiatus, I just couldn’t. Because I would miss this too much and get all emotional haha and then knowing me I’d probably be back the next day or even a couple hours so it’d be like ?? lmao haha so if only I’d known I wouldn’t upload for like a week would I have called for a hiatus

but I don’t know 😞 I love it too much here ... something inside is just stopping me from doing anything and I hope it stops soon

it might even be artists block or whatever and god I get those sm I hate them

whatever it is I just hope it goes away so I can upload more like I usually do

~ oh and I’m also currently planning out my next challenge !!! not many people are gonna read this far down haha cx I typed sm I’m sorry ... but for those of you who are reading this part hi 👋🏻 I’m in the process of making my next challenge and it’s kind of ... a big one ? just cause there’s more parts than my last one ... I mean I’m excited but it might be lame 😅 we’ll have to see hehehe

stay tuned ~
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