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toppdogghansol hansol Image by madison with luv 💜

for @king-wonho 💞
“i am not losing you again.”
[WARNING: reader discretion is advised 🙈]

you stood in one of the thousands of aisles of towering bookshelves in the college library, thumbing through resources for your upcoming research paper. god, what you would do to not be reading about genetically modified foods right now.

too distracted by gmo’s, you didn’t notice another person’s presence until you felt a warm hand run down the length of your arm, the touch vaguely familiar to you. you looked up, his upturned eyes immediately recognizable as he stared back at you, the corners of his mouth lifting.

“hansol?” you asked, surprised. he was supposed to be in his public speaking class right now, why was he suddenly with you in the library?

“ruby~!” he whined. “i miss you! you’re always too busy with your classes to play with me.” he pouted, snatching the book you were holding and tossing it aside.

“what do you want me to do, hansol? i have so much homework this week. and aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?”

“class ended early. so playtime starts now.” hansol’s eyes darkened as he pushed you back against the bookshelf, “i’m not losing you again to your stupid assignments.”

you were about to open your mouth to protest, to tell him you were really behind on homework and that you needed to get back to researching, but you were silenced by his lips.

the kiss was deep and slow. the kind of kiss that took your breath away and made you feel as if you were floating. but things heated up quickly, the want and need present in the both of your actions. hansol pressed himself closer to you, your fingers curling into the fabric of his shirt.

his teeth nipped at your ear and his hands found their way up your hoodie, inching up your stomach.

“hansol... you can’t...” you trailed off. you looked around, the aisles of bookshelves vacant. the library was pretty much empty.

“what? afraid of a little pda?” he smirked, his hand now slipping beneath your bra, his lips on your neck. hansol stepped forward so that you were pressed against the study bookshelf. as his hand moved your knees grew weak. the only thing keeping you from falling over was the shelve behind you.

you tried to keep your voice contained, but hansol was making that extremely hard for you. his hands knew all of your sweet spots, and you couldn’t stop the high pitched whine from escaping your throat as he palmed at your breasts.

“ruby, baby girl, do you want someone to hear us?” hansol asked before placing his lips over yours. your moans were muted as they escaped into his mouth. hansol continued to make a mess of you behind the bookshelves, your research paper long forgotten.

SKJKASL I HOPE YOU LIKE IT RUBY! sorry if it sucks lol .-.

four more to go~ hopefully i finish these before december lmaoo
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