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giveaway winners congrats Image by tapiocapearlsxxx

#giveaway #winners #congrats

Instagram: fatema_noor_islam

1st Place: @addy_j_26 Congratulations!! Here are the prizes you will be getting:
Free digitally painted scenery, like spam, follow, & 2 free stickers. Do you want a freestyle from me or do you want to give me details on what you want? Also, can you please put your Instagram account or Gmail in the comments so that I can reach you.

2nd Place: @_artwithfatema_ Congratulations!! You got second place. The prizes you will be getting are:
Free PFP, like on 5 most recent posts, follow shoutout & 1 free sticker. I will contact you separately!

3rd Place: @annie_aesthetics Congratulations! Thank you for all the enthusiasm under my posts. You got third place! The prizes you will be getting are:
1 free sticker, like on 3 most recent posts, 1 free background and 1 free sticker (the one free sticker is for all your enthusiasm!) Do you have an Instagram or Gmail that I can contact you on? If so, please let me know your account name.