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bts ❁ goodbye • here goes Image by ❁ goodbye, loves ❁

❁ goodbye
• here goes Jen, signing off. I’m going to leave picsart. I’ve been thinking really hard on it for a long time and i’ve decided that its best for me. Even though i’ve really enjoyed the times i’ve had here, i’ve been living in fear of someone finding this account since i created it. I’ve loved many of you. More than i can count. Know that i really really love you and that i will never regret spending this time together. I don’t want to mention anyone but surely you know who you are. Everyone here has really made an impact on my life. I will be thankful for you for a long time. You’ve made me feel confident and happy, even on my worst days. But now i will have to leave. The secret has gotten too powerful, so now its time for me to end it. I will miss you all dearly.
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《 6/30/19 》
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