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guys , i want to use my Image by a v a🔗 ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵇⁱᵒ

guys ,

i want to use my smaller platform that i have to speak out on this and educate
just because not everyone is still speaking out about it, DOES NOT MEAN ITS OVER! try to do what you can to help, instead of signing petitions, donate to charities and causes that are trying to make a difference. this fight for equality isn't over

and for those of you who are saying all lives matter, let me put it like this so you can understand

this movement is like a house fire
one house is on fire right now that the fire fighters need to hose off, but neighbors are saying that the firefighters don't care about their house because it's not being hosed off, but their house isn't on fire. of course all of our houses matter, no one is saying yours doesn't, it's just that one house is on fire and needs to have more attention on it then the others that aren't on fire