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haha...heyyy.. Image by deleting!! read recent plss

haha...heyyy.. it's the owner claire here :) just wanted to say that im deleting this account!! i had such good memories!
but i think it's time i delete it :( instead of focusing on this account, I'd rather focus on my friends and girlfriend! as well as school since im failing behind by alot lol
but dw i won't be gone from all socials!! I'm very active on my insta and Pinterest which are both under the same @ which is @/f4irieseo feel free to dm me if you'd like!!
I'll be keeping this post up for a bit just in case anybody wants to see my other socials! bye bye now!!!

- claire <33

random tags!! so srry!! @squishyjinnie_ @yeonjunsupportbot- @taeyong_support_bot @haechansohcanada @minhosupportbot-