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winterkpop_contest Image by posting hiatus sorry

hAI hello

how are you doing today jasmin? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
New edit yayyay
I’m excited about this one hehe

♠️type- manip
♥️aesthetic- cards/alice in wonderland inspired
Like alice? yknow? The fandom name, theme? hehe
♣️person- Subin (Jung Subin)- Victon aka my bias uwu
♦️time taken- 2hrs 30 mins in total but i dragged this idea for a week and finally did the darn thing yesterday and today
♠️my grade- oo its nice im proud of it especially the whole cards and eyes and bg
But the hair kinda throws me of
Id give it a 8.5/10 heh
♥️apps used- ibispaintx pa and polarr
♣️creds- aestaetic on yt, a huge thanks to the wonderful @lovingminho for sending me a custom brush for the freckles
♦️contests- ok this gon be a long one why is everyone having contests jahaggs
@kpop__lover222 #winterkpop_contest
@j4emn #j4emn_contest @disneyyoyo #2-in-1-contest @_nina166_ @-zxnitsu #zenitna_300 @-jisunshine- @itsnana- #elsienanacontest

Hope you guys like my edit :))

♠️hashtags- #subin #jungsubin #victon #victonsubin #cards #aliceinwonderland #manipedit #kpop
♣️song- ice age by mcnd yash
♦️note- uh i barely survived school yesterday lol
And im going to the doctor soon to get checked for my vision oof

Goddarn my desc is so messy ew


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