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btsedit bangtanboys Image by caitlin

Hope you have an awesome birthday full of so much joy and happiness, and may all your wishes come true! 💜ARMY PURPLES YOU!💜
I absolutely love tae's love and passion for art & photography, i enjoy seeing all the pictures he's taken, he truly is an incredible photographer, the pictures really capture what's in the moment! So i wanted to make an edit compiling some of tae's photographs as if they were in an art gallery, because seriously they need to be in one, if not already. I included his nickname "VANTE" ( its a combination of his name "V" and also of a photographer who is his inspiration named "ANTE" which i absolutely love. It also has a meaning of van gogh as well, since he really enjoys vincent van gogh's works as well. Just seeing his love for art brings me joy, since i love art as well. I really hope tae enjoys his birthday doing what he loves! He deserves all the love in the world!💕I hope you guys like this edit! And thanks for all your support!😊 And 💜🎉HAPPY TAE DAY!💜🎉

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