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jackavery birthday Happy birthday to Image by ♡Jordan♡

Happy birthday to one of the most goofy, talented, loving person. He'll always give you a reason to smile. He's so precious and humble. I hope he had a great 20th birthday! Love you Jack❤

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I'm gonna be inactive for a little while. I just found out my grandma had a seizure last night. I hope she's ok. I'll also be traveling next week and the week after. Once we get home my band camp will start. And if you know about band camp then it's pretty rough. If you don't then I'll explain.
So for week one of band camp the h o it's are from 8am-6pm. And basically we just train for competitions and football games. Week two of band camp is from 4pm-10pm. So hopefully I'll still be able to post.
After band camp ends, school starts. This year I will be an eighth grader in 3 high school classes. So I'll be juggling school with marching band and then another 2 band classes as well as you guys. So if I'm not active on here as much that's why. I will not forget you all tho! Much love, Jordan❤

#freetoedit #jackavery #birthday @jackaverymusic- Again happy birthday to Jack! ❤
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