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... Image by Just another dysfunctional Ahgase

✨Happy Mark Day!!!✨
In this post:
Name : Mark Tuan
Nationality : Taiwanese
Group : GOT7
Label Name : JYPE
Color : Lavender/Lilac(??I’m not good with colors sorry)
Fandom Name : IGOT7 (Ahgase💚) A.K.A. The Bird Fandom or The Nest (We are Spoonbills)
Fandom Color : Green
Languages : Chinese(Mandarin); Korean and English
Other Info : Oldest Hyung; Fake maknae; Reaaally quiet but can scream loud enough to destroy your ears; Cute laugh/giggle; “Talking to him is like talking to the wall”; “You cannot talk, you’re mute”; Acrobatics; Quiet kid that just flips everywhere according to Eric Nam; Hates Bambam; Scary when angry; Parent of 2 dogs, Coco managed by both Younjae and Mark, I forgot the name of the other one😅 which is his own dog; possesive, according to the members; his dad has a twitter account (Raymond Tuan go check it out uwu)
Hashtags : #happymarktuanday #happybirthday #got7 #got7mark #collage #collageedit #dysfunctional #ahgase #freetoedit
I know I’m really late and I’m sorryyyy😔
Hope you liked this edit!!!
A Dysfunctional Ahgase💚

#remixed from @dysfunctional_bird_7