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rm namjoon kimnamjoon Image by posting hiatus sorry

#freetoeditHAPPY BIRTHDAY JOONIE 💜😭 even it i just became an army, i have so much love and respect for this man. He’s one of the brightest, kindest, cutest, hottest people and i’m so thankful we have someone like him on this world. To the best leader, our president, but also the clumsiest babie, i wish an amazing 27th birthday💗✨👑💘🥺 #rm #namjoon #kimnamjoon #bts #btsrm #btsedit #aesthetic #happynamjoonday yes ik his bday already passed but its a bit afyer midnight here so im not that late and btw i cant write the desc shit now ill do it tmrw
~ T a g l i s t ~

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#remixed from @meeori