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happybirthdayhyo Image by ㅜㅐㅇ ㅜ ㅅㄹㄹ ㅐㅇㅌ

HAPPY BDAY MY CUTELILBISH HYO (aka @worldwidemochi ) 💜💟💗☁️💘💖💝⛅💖💙❤️🧡💚🌚💞☁️💕🌈💟💓💚💟💘💖💟💖☁️💟💜💝💗🌚💕🌙💝💟💖💜❄️💟💗💓🌙💖🌙💗❤️💚💙💗🧡🌙✨💝💚💞💓💖❤️💓✨💜💛🧡💙☁️💜💖🌼💖💝💜💟💗🌙✨🌷💛🌙💕🌙💕🌙💖☀️💛💖💖💜💕💘✨💞💖💞💓💕💟💖💞💝💟🌙💕💝❤️💚💙🌹💚🌟💝💟💞💘💙💛❤️❄️⚡💙🌸💜💚❤️🧡💙💙🧡💚🌝💖💜💗💗💞✨💖💟⚡💞💖💖💞💞🌙💝🌺💛💓💞🧡🌚🌈💞💛💫💖✨☁️💞💗🌝💜💟💚💕💖💗💞☁️💜❤️💚💟💛🌻💖☀️❄️💖💝💙❤️💛💝💞✨💟💛💓☁️💘💕💗💜💞🌙⭐🧡💚💖☀️💛💖💞💓💕💟💖💞💝💟🌙💕💝💕💓💟💟💓💕💖💘💗💛✨💗❤️💚🧡💙💚❤️❤️💚💙💚💙💛❤️💜💞💞❤️❤️💛💙💜🧡💚⚡💙🌸💜💚❤️🧡💙💙🧡💚🌝💖💜💗💗💞✨💖💟⚡💞💖💖💞💞🌙💝🌺💛💓💞🧡🌚🌈💞💛💫💖✨☁️💞💗🌝💜💟💚💕💖💗💞☁️💕💜💞🌙💘💝☁️✨💕💟💕💞💖💟✨💝☁️💕💞💖💘💖✨💚❤️💙💝❤️💛💓🧡💕💫💚💙💕💥☀️🎉⚡☀️💕🧡💛💕✨💘💓💫❤️💛🎉💥⚡💗❤️☁️💞🌙💓💚💚❤️💘o mi gAWd my bby is now thesameageasme hi- omgomg ilyilyyyy toooo much u don't uNDERSTAND MY LOVEBKSKSJSJJS IM SO HAPPY CUZ ITS AN ANGEL'S BDAY ILYYYY- anyWaYs i wish u a vvvv happy bday with ur loved ones and i hope I'm not late cuz I'm late 24/7 ;-;;-;-;;- take care and stay healthy cuz u mean alot to me okayy. Thank u soooo much for being alive and being born and being with us and loving us. U deserve all the love, support and uwus in this ugly ass world and we don't deserve a precious bean like u :'( I'm soft oof ily again but moRE. Idk if u're reading this or no but, do u remember our convo goals :') i love those memories omg;-;;--; when we used to spam the comment sections lmOaoOoaoa I'm sad cuz those memories were so gOoD and cWuT :") but today is a vv special day for u and us bby so enjoy ur day and stay happy and stay safe. This paragraph ain't long but whatever :'/ (and this edit sucks sowwy ;-;;-;-;; and idk why is the quality so bad wtf and plus I'm out of inspo smfh) AnyWAys, i hope u're doin great and dRiNk wAtEr pLz sTaY HELATHSUD- ;-; idk what to say so- we're always here for u and we love u more than u do kk u mean the whole universe to us and specially me uwu.

#HAPPYHYODAY #happybirthdayhyo #hyoandplanets :') #ily #uwu