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HAPPYBIRTHDAYCLOE CLOE Image by ㅜㅐㅇ ㅜ ㅅㄹㄹ ㅐㅇㅌ

HAPPY BDAY CLOE MLOE (aka @imjungshook_edits ) OMO🌙💟☁️💕✨💖💗🌙💖💛💖💞💜💟💗☁️💘💖💝⛅💖💙❤️🧡💚🌚💞☁️💕🌈💟💓💚💟💘💖💟💖☁️💟💜💝💗🌚💕🌙💝💟💖💜❄️💟💗💓🌙💖🌙💗❤️💚💙💗🧡🌙✨💝💚💞💓💖❤️💓✨💜💛🧡💙☁️💜💖🌼💖💝💜💟💗🌙✨🌷💛🌙💕🌙💕🌙💖☀️💛💖💖💜💕💘✨💞💖💞💓💕💟💖💞💝💟🌙💕💝❤️💚💙🌹💚🌟💝💟💞💘💙💛❤️❄️⚡💙🌸💜💚❤️🧡💙💙🧡💚🌝💖💜💗💗💞✨💖💟⚡💞💖💖💞💞🌙💝🌺💛💓💞🧡🌚🌈💞💛💫💖✨☁️💞💗🌝💜💟💚💕💖💗💞☁️💜❤️💚💟💛🌻💖☀️❄️💖💝💙❤️💛💝💞✨💟💛💓☁️💘💕💗💜💘☁️💞🧡💘🧡✨💘💜💓💓✨💕💘💕☁️💘🧡✨💘💟💓💞🌙⭐🧡💚💖☀️💛💖💞💓💕💟💖💞💝💟🌙💕💝💕💓💟💟💓💕💖💘💗💛✨💗❤️💚🧡💙💚❤️❤️💚💙💚💙💛❤️💜💞💞❤️❤️💛💙💜🧡💚⚡💙🌸💜💚❤️🧡💙💙🧡💚🌝💖💜💗💗💞✨💖💟⚡💞💖💖💞💞🌙💝🌺💛💓💞🧡🌚🌈💞💛💫💖✨☁️💞💗🌝💜💟💚💕💖💗💞☁️💜❤️💚💟💛💖💜💞💕🧡💗💙💟💫💝💕💛💓💜💕💘💟💞💓💙💛💟💫💫💕💓💕💜💘💟💞💗💙💟💟💝💚💗💟💟💘💘💕💞💓💖💛
Awww mi bby :'3 kskdjjd omfg idk where to start but I'm just gonn be quick cuz kskdkjd oml I'm so bad at these stuff- anyways happy birthday u beautiful and cute ass b word 👁👄👁 i hope u're doin great and i wish u the best in everything bruh ilysfm and i missed u so much. I still remember those days where we used to laugh and spam 24/7 and it was sosoososo fun 🗿 rip us oof. I wish u an amazing bday with ur friends and family and ur lived ones(?) u r the yee to my haw mf and I'm sorry if this is short ksksjs but i love u soooo much moreee and- i hope u like this bday gift i suppose(?) idk man I'm fucked msndjdj u're the most cutest, adorable, prettiest, loveliest, smexiest, hotest, And the most precious baby ever ;,-,; u better read the whole thing or commit neck crack hEeHeE
Anyways ilysfm
Stay safe
Stay healthy
Stay cute uwu
We all love u soooo much
U're amazing
U're perfect
U're loved bitch 🗿

HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAYYY GANGANGANAG UWUWUUWUWUUWUWUWUUWUW ILYSFSMSMNSJDIS💜💘💖💝💗💕💖💜💕💖🤙🤙😔👁❤️🗿👄💝👄😩💛🤡💦💙🥰😍🗿😘🤡💚😔💙🤙🅱️🤡❤️this decription is full of shit lmfao🅰️💙🥰💕🤡💙👁🅰️🥰💜💚💞✊🅱️👁👁✊👄👁👄👄👄👄👁👄🧡🤙💦💦💚🧡💜🤡🤡💟👁👁👄👄👄👄👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁💚💜🤡👁🧡🅰️💟🥰💜💚✊🤙🅰️💦👁🧡💚👁