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happynewyear 2016 memories bokehs Image by Alp Peker

HAPPY NEW YEAR to every picsartist! Yes I am going to tag and give a huge thanks for being here. It has been a wonderful journey with you this year. I am happy that you let me see a part of yourself and happy i could do the same to you! I am happy that you always inspired me and kept me going. I hope I could be inspiring to you too! That's all I've wanted :) So thank you so much for a nice year together ☺ I am honoured to know you and see brilliant minds like yours! @billhansen @stfareeba @kadolive @justme1305 @killerdiller5 @arya8ash @huldasandelin @smwallday @denitsapavlova @eliskaafana @gizemkarayavuz @neutralabyss @sunshinerose @ange01la @roxyhart @thought-merchant @othonfam @paolomore @stevendavisphoto @stephstephaniesteph @sisilainphotoholic @likesphotos @morphia13 @johnadams-emnace @tyroneo @drexll77 @daffylaye @shy35 @kuchitoo @veroklo @blindwitness @buwaya510 @mygreatworld1 @profxuk @mete0001 @misspisky @mialotte @veroniqueklotz I tried my best to make this list look not like some hyerarchi :D And I am sorry I already know some of you I couldnt even write here but know that im thankful to you too! All! :) I'd be happy if you also put a couple thank you notes here! And of course da team!!!!!! Best ever. Happy new year! @cartergee_pa @nanette_pa @trichetriche_pa @meganannharmon_pa @madlene_pa @allegra_pa This photo was made with black paper cut and put in front of the lens to make "Chrismas tree" looking bokehs. And with the cup you sent me this summer! #happynewyear #2016 #memories #bokehs #photography #picsartisthebest