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He stood on top of the world, once a man full of dreams. Dreams to make his voice known. Dreams of peace and happiness. Dreams to change the earth. Leading six others, he finally achieved his goal. But his story has not ended.

Happy belated Birthday Namjoon! I hope you had a great one that was filled many blessings.

Y’all I’m really bad at posting for birthdays. Um anyways happy birthday to Jisung as well! (Yes im posting at 3:00 AM). Im also using my insta description cause I’m to lazy to make another one ✌🏻.

゚+ι∂σℓ: Namjoon

*ノ゚gяσυρ: BTS

。:.゚´туρє: Manipulation

*✲゚ тιмє тαкєη: 2:30

`❁*.:。 αρρѕ υѕє∂: IbisPaint, Lightroom

Reference: Pinterest

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