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yangjeongin in Image by posting hiatus sorry

#freetoeditHEEEYYY I’M ALIVEEE lol
Finally new edit yeyywwayahabaiafiqhsvsoao

Sorry for not posting FOR 3 GODDAMN WEEKS
I ain’t gon lie to yall, honestly i don’t have an excuse lmfao
Well like i did have lots of school work and stuff tho
But i could have made a few edits but my lazyass self couldnt do that
So ya thanks for staying around lol


What are u doing with ur life if ur not in love with Yang Jeongin? I mean look at this baby
(lmfao not me acting like this when i got into skz like a week ago skuzbryisj)
aNyWaYs (pt2)
I made this edit today so i hope u like it cuz i’m proud of how if came out✨🙌🏻

🍡type: soft ig? Someone has to tell me if this style has a name
Probably not lol
🍡aesthetic: soft kjsjjt
🍡person: Yang Jeongin- I.N - Stray Kids
🍡time taken: a lot more than it looks like it did lol yojfruksx probably like 1.30-2h
🍡hashtags: #yangjeongin #in #instraykids #straykids #skz #inskz #straykidsin #straykidsjeongin #kpop #kpopedit #aestheticedit #softedit #kpopidol
🍡contest: honestly idk why am i joining contests with this cuz it aint that good of an edit but whatever
@http_nana_edits @_multifandom235_ #ibfcontest
oh wait lol i missed the deadline for a few.. oopsie

🍡creds: to all the owners of the shit tone of stickers i used lmao, i searched up “overlay png” and a lot of useful stickers like those white ones and stuff.. so ya thats what i reccomend typing in to find a lot of lil gems :) and polarr for filter i don’t remember which filter i used, but it’s not custom or from a person, it’s already in the app, i recomend polarr 10000% if ur not satisfied with pa’s filters (which are still pretty lit tho but theres not many soft filters like this) it’s literally magical and has a bunch of great filters and other funtions that i still didn’t try out oop

Jesus Christ i made a whole ass essay about filters lmaaoo sorry bout that

AnYwAyS (pt3)
I forgot what i wanted to say good joob idiot

🍡mood: 🤪 (no i’m not drunk)
🍡song: I love you- Treasure ( nEoL sArAnGhAe dumsisisnsjajwbsousuakwsisiaia) i love this song sm it’s such a bop yasyas
🍡note: stream Lovesick girls and vote for Blackpink on mtv ema (skz are nominated for one category i forgor it’s name but ya vote for them too :))



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theres more but i have an assigment to do so i don’t have time to scroll more sorry🥺

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#remixed from @lotus_blossxm