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Hello everyone. Happy pride month! I have decided to say a few things.
So I have always supported LBGTQ+. I think its amazing! I, myself, am not a part of it, but i think it is great. I have a brother and he disaproves of LGBTQ+. He tells me thaf it is stupid and he doesnt like when i draw people who are gay or bi or trans. He tells me its wrong. But its not. I yell at him for this and say that it is beautiful and they are being theirselves. He still thinks otherwise, but i do not. It doesnt matter what gender you go by or who you love. We are all people. People with feelings and lives of our own. I say that just be you. Be who you are. You matter. You are great. Tell that girl you see at the store, that you think shes pretty. Buy that dress. Make a statement. Dont listen to the haters. They are wrong. You are beautiful. Love yourself. Be yourself. Be PROUD. You are a living person, just like me. We breathe the same air and walk on the same earth. We are equal. You matter. Please dont let people bring you down with their harsh words. You have got this. Be strong. Confident. Proud. Proud of who you are. Not ashamed. Never feel you are wrong. You are loved. If your scared to come out to the world, just be strong. When the time comes, you will smile and stand tall. Proud. And NO ONE should be able to change your thoughts on yourself. You are beautiful. I will say it as many times as i have to. You are amazing. Look at what you have done. You can do it. Be yourself. Never give up on who you are.
If you ever need someone to talk to, i am here. Just dm me. I love you all. Stay safe. ❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈

Also, sorry I suck at speeches

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