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nohate nohate nohate Hello Image by I left

Hello everyone, ok so here on this app there are many mean ppl who hate on other users, ppl who steal edits, ppl who act inaproprate to other users and ppl who are just mean. Now i get it if u have problems at home with family or friends or whoever , and u just are so angry about it so u bring all ur anger out on inocwnt ppl, well newsflash there’s other ways to get out ur anger like write down what ur thinking on a peice of paper or a notebook or ur notes in ur phone, you can talk about it with an adult or friwnd or whoever u trust, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it its just not ok to treat ppl like this. If your just a mean person then leave, peace out bc that is horrible and unaceptable and its discusting and non-tollarable its also wrong its sooooooo very wrong. Now i know that i havent been on picsart for as long as anybody else but i know that this is not how it used to be, i know that picsart used to be about having fun and doing what u love and being creative this is not doing what u love, this is not being creative this is......... its.........it is——— its so bad i dont even have words for it!! Great talented ppl have left bc of the hate inapropriateness and rude discusting ppl. @1netflix2 almost left for good and do u know how much they mean to me, they mean the world to me and so does all of my ibffs if one of them were ever to bet hurt mentally or physically i would travel the entire world just to find them and help them oh ya did i metion i would do this in a heartbeat!! If you wanna hate on ppl........ DONT! ITS WRONG ITS TERRIBLE AND BAD!!!!!! And if u wanna to get anywhere near my friends u will have to get through me first ok?? This is all i want to say rn but if u want to unfollow me or block me go right a head I DONT CARE!!!! Im sick and tired of all this crap ok?? Im done, usually ppl take breaks after big speaches but im not im not gonna take a break im gonna stay and im not leaving bc i wanna protect i want all the good ppl to be safe and protected and i cant do that with all the bad things going k?!!!!!!!!! ALSO DONT STEL EDITS IF U WANNA REMIX A WONDERFUL EDIT GO A HEAD BUT GIVE CREDIT OK!!!!!!!!??? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 im soo mad rn but im gonna control my self, maybe the mad bad ppl should take that in too!! Im not playing nice anymore all u bad ppl watch out bc ur gonna get a block and report kk?? Stay away from me and all my ibffs and irl bffs on this app and any inocent ppl as well u got it??!!!!!! Ok thats it @ssauvao3 pl stay safe ily all of u #nohate #nohate #nohate #freetoedit