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WE GOT TO 1K!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! When i started picsart i never imagined that i would get this far, i was just sat on my bedroom floor and thought ‘hey i want to give this a try!!’ So to have come to being on that bedroom floor with 1 follower to sat on my living room floor (i like sitting on floors dont judge 😂) with 1k just seems crazy and so unreal!! Thanks to everyone who has supported me and stuck with me through this amazing journey....
@popiota was the person who inspired me to start outlining!! She is basically the reason why i am here today, keep doing what you are doing bby because it is AMAZING 😍💕 @joys_art and i started outlining at around the same time, i like to think of her as my outline sister hahaha!! We did our first collab of loren together and it was so much fun. You are such an inspiration to me and i am so thankful for you 💖 your encouragement always means the world 🥰 @petiteedits is another one of my biggest inspirations, her outlines are so beautiful 😍 i know that you are on a break just now, but i wouldn’t be here without you!! @_the_outline_ thank you for being so encouraging and building me up 💕 you have been there from the start and i am so so grateful for your support. You are so incredibly talented and supportive!!
Lastly, thank you to every single one of my followers, i would not be where i am without you, trust me if the tag limit didn’t exist then i could have written something about you all because you are all so kind 💕 so thank you so much!!!!

Time: 2hrs
Apps: adobe draw, ibispaintx and picsart
Celebrity: charli d’amelio ✨

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See you in the next post 💕 for a special announcement....!!