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Hello everyone So right now Image by cookybtsarmy12

#freetoeditHello everyone

So right now I'm in my hotel room with my family and like I didn't want to make it obvious that I was taking a picture in here so my parents dont be suspicious of me

So like this is also like a meet the editor type of thingy so ya here we go

Ok my name is Miranda and I am 13 years old born in 2007 and I am in 7th grade
I have one sister and her name i won't say but it starts with a V.
I am from the USA and I'm from Texas
I'm not a cowgirl I am very modern aka kpop stans are modern so ya ish
I don't like tight clothes I like more of a comfortable style like oversized
I'm crazy
I read and watch fanfiction all the time
I read on wattpad and YouTube
My account on Wattpad is cookybtsarmy12
I like to speak in a lot of slang
I am Hispanic
I know English and Spanish
I know English fluently but I'm kinda white washed and can't speak Spanish fluently

If you have any other questions ask plz #sheep #qnawiththeeditor
#remixed from @cchovies