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Hello everyone I am back from Image by cookybtsarmy12

#freetoeditHello everyone I am back from hiatus
My parents were gonna look through my phone and I was afraid of them finding this app so I deleted it and never re-downloaded it
So I am finally back

So for the photo you are seeing the words in black are translated into English because me and my friend speak Spanish on text

So I've been on Pinterest and saw that there is always
" Boyfriend Material " popping up do I clicked on it and well I was looking up Taehyun
( ok these times are tough and Taehyun is literally bias wrecking me like A LOT and ya I dont know if I can stay loyal to Yeonjun)
I decided to download this photo and pull a prank on her see if she would fall for it or just know right away
( she does not know about +×+ and also doesn't know kpop)
So I sent her the photo and said that Taehyun was my boyfriend and she fell for it

And like I see why
He's Korean
He's cute
He looks young

So ya I dont want to tell her

Also I have to go back to school soon like in person so I'm going to set my wallpaper and lock screen as Taehyun and see

Hopefully she will never find out

Also hopefully a MOA doesn't tell her


#imbackonpicsart #sheep #pranktext #taehyun
#remixed from @-m-b-b-