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otterlove Image by Welcome to Avas Tea Shop!

Here I represent you ✨the Holy Otter✨ read to the end please

You cant agree they are the cutest living creatures on this goddamn planet!!!! 😾

Just look at it!!!
Doenst this just melt your heart❤️
I just wanna give them all a huggggg!!! 🥺

If I where allowed to simp for otters I WOULD-

Did you know otters hug eachother!!! And they do float on their backs on water 😩💕

They. Even. Have. Their. Own. Special. Rock. ROCK!! 🪨❤️

*casually dies of cuteness* 💀

Me and @jessiebear2020 luv them 💕
And now its your turn to😾✋

I will make an channel on Discord named ✨Oter squad✨
If you wanna join let me know your username in on Discord in the comments UwU
#otters #otterlove #ottermeme #ottergang #ottersquad #otterwithduckiehat #duckie #duckiehat #theholyotter #yellow #brown #grey
@jessiebear2020 @-that_one_crackhead- @-_bxby_angxel_- @kittykittymowmo @_ashotka_126 @_official-himiko_ @eylultoprak0107 @karma1906 @psychic_friend_fred 💕