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sorry isuck imstupid Hey.. As Image by love•yourself


As you can see I'm back...kinda...

Basically, my new account is @jisoounnieee and I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone earlier....

I will make sure to confirm that this is my ”old” account in the comments while using my new account.

Now to what I wanted to say... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for being a horrible friend.
I'm sorry for not telling anyone for no reason.
I'm sorry for just leaving all the sudden.
I'm sorry for only coming back now even tough I got a new device.
I'm sorry that I'm so stupid.
I'm sorry for not being the same ”me” anymore.

I've changed negatively in a lot of ways...
1. I'm more sad these days.
2. Not a complete sunshine anymore.
3. Horrible person for no reasons.
(It goes on and on)

Hope you forgive me even though I don't have much of an audience here...
#truth #sorry #isuck #imstupid