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Hey guys! Map of the soul: 7 is full of BoPs. Let me know which tracks were ur fav in the comments below! If you haven't seen my unboxing video of the album please check it out here! >https://youtu.be/E4StBz3iMKY

Here's my typed reaction/review of Map of the soul: 7 Hope you enjoy!

🕳👤Interlude: Shadow -
Love this, yoongi killed it.
I love the tape and piano sounds at the beginning its like the beginning of telling a story. It also sounded like foot steps too, that i heard at the beginning. It has an emotional feeling to it, love the beats, i really like how it changes along with his different verses along with the chorus. The verses are really deep and emotional as well as the lyrics for the chorus. "Please don't let me shine, don't let down, don't let me fly, don't let me shine." And " i i wanna be rapstar, i wanna be the top, i wanna be rockstar, i want it all mine, i wanna be rich, i wanna be the king, i wanna go win, i wanna be..." "i gotta big dream." I love how the song progresses and gets more agressive, Did anyone else think the last part of shadow where yoongi does his last verse, (here's the time stamp: 2:30) sounds similar to travis Scott's verse in "Sicko mode"? Wooohhh put a remix mashup of that and talk about 🔥🔥🔥. Also when the beat dropped at the end when he did that last verse, the sound reminded me of billie eilish's song "Bad guy" (the last part of the song)

👣🖤Black swan - one of my fave songs off this album, i love the trap and instrumental sounds, it has a melancholy feeling. The beginning reminds me of "Fake love", i know im not the only one who thinks that lol. The MV is soooo good! It has elements that remind me of "blood sweat and tears". Even some parts of the choreography is similar to "Fake love". The chorus is hella catchy as well. Even the orchestra ver. Is beautiful too, that one to me sounds more sad and melancholy than the other version. Love how the music video has elements from "Blood sweat and tears" and the movie "Black swan". Black swan is a boppity bop. Periodt.💅🏻

💪🏻ON - One of my fave tracks on the album! The whole concept and style of this really feels fresh and exciting cause, they've never done anything like this before. I love the lyrics like "rain be pourin, sky keep fallin everyday, oh nana." "Bring the pain on yeah" and "Can't hold me down cause ya know im a fighter." And i love the trap beats and the electronic sounds along with the sounds of a marching band with the drum sounds in the background. And those high notes!👏🏻 i also love the dance break, it added a really nice touch as well. This is like a fight song, a song you would hear in a movie battle, like a fight scene. Both music videos are awesome! Our boys really outdid it! And blew me away!

💪🏻👱🏻‍♀️ON ( feat. Sia ) - Honestly i wasn't feeling this. I love sia and her music, but this just didn't do it for me. She did have other parts in the song other than the "na na na" part but when she was saying " Can't hold me down cause ya know im a fighter..bring the pain on yeah....etc." i just didn't think her voice suited those parts of the song, when i first saw/heard that sia was gonna be featured on the track, i thought that maybe she would do high notes since she has such a powerful voice, but her voice in this sounded like it was a voice over or a cover of the song. It's like her voice wasn't mixed well. She didn't really sound like she was in the song. The only time it sounded like she was in the song was when she was singing her parts along with the boys ( like harmonization). And her voice echo at the end of the song. But other than that i just wasnt feeling this one. But either way im glad they collaborated and had fun.

😍🤳Filter - Dang jimin i see you, wooing us Armys. jimin's really flirtacious and seductiveness in this one, lets be honest When is he not tho?! Lol. I love the string guitar throughout the whole song, especially when it starts, i also like the style which has like a sexy latin vibe to it which despacito and senorita could never lol. I really like the chorus and jimin's vocals, he definitely brought the cutey sexy and the lovely.

⏳My time - of course i already knew this was jungkook's song but as soon as the song started i was like yep this has his name written all over it. This sounds like his style right here. I love the song especially when the beat comes in. i really like that sound at the 10 sec mark as well. The feel of it is like a jb song not gonna lie, it has that r & b feel along with some electronic sounds too, which is a cool mix. His vocals were incredible. Talk about not only a vocal but a English king, he has been practicing and has improved alot and you can tell within this song as well. I was just like woah! And I know it was supposed to fit with the pace of the song but the only thing i wasn't so sure about was how fast he said some of the words, i felt like he said them too fast to where you could barely understand him. And the lyrics really describe what a struggle it has been for him since debuting, and evolving into an artist. He had to grow up fast. He can barely make time for friends and loved ones. Im sure it wasn't and still isn't easy at all, but he did make that sacrifice to pursue his dream and passion. And i hope that he does get more time for not only his self but for his friends and loved ones.🐰

💣💥Louder than bombs - another fave song of mine off this album, they sound so fkn beautiful! The song gives off a dark/mysterious/ambient feel to it. Definitely atmospheric, it makes you feel like your in a whole other world. It feels apocalyptic. I love songs that give off that vibe. i love everything about this song. From the vocals to the rap to the chorus to the beat...Everything. i really like the deep bass sounds as well, it goes really well with the song. Well done!

🤬UGH! - *first song i heard after on and black swan* oh my damn! This song right here is...wow, like im completely mind blown! This is seriously fkn cool! I love the beats and how it has that grudgy sound to it. You can't help but feel like a bada$$ im tellin you like this song right here is just incredible! It reminds me of something you'd hear in like a videogame, idk it just has that videogame aspect to it, probably cause of the gun sounds. But like Namgi! Wtf you guys?!! Those raps were fire fire fire! ugh!. To listen to this first was fking mind blowing, it hyped me up for what other bops i was gonna listen to next!

⌚00:00 ( zero o'clock) - this song really hit deep with me cause I've been dealing with mental health problems, and been going through alot, and i tell my family, i just want to be happy. That's all i want is to be happy, and so when i read the lyrics and was listening and heard the chorus part "you gonna be happy" i teared up. Cause this is something I've always wanted. And i know Im gonna be happy. I've taken the first step to happiness by going to therapy and getting help, it'll take time but i know I'll get there. Apart from that. I love the guitar sound especially at the beginning and the echo affect gives a soothing/nostalgic feeling. Kinda reminded me of "sea". But talk about vocal kings! Jimin, jin, and kookie. I love how they harmonized, and those high notes! Always sounding like pure heaven. I love the meaning behind the song as well, it's like their comforting us, whenever we are going through a tough time and im glad their there for us with this song. Whenever your feeling down, and facing a hardship, listen to this song, know that your not alone, know that the hardship will pass.💜

👨‍👦Inner child - This song really shows how much tae has grown. From a boy who had all these passions and dreams and facing the big world out there to a grown man with the world at his feet living out his passions and dreams that he had hoped for as a child. When i first discovered BTS in 2015, tae seemed to have had this child like personality, he was always laughing and joking around, and he seemed so full of life, he was so bright and playful but now that years have passed and he's gotten older and matured more, i always wondered where that went? And where did it go? But deep down that child like quality is still there within tae, just not as much. He's really has grown into an incredible young man and human being. The lyrics seem to be him telling his past self ( when he was a child) that everything is okay now. We made it. We made it through the struggles. the lyrics are absolutely beautiful as well as his vocals. To me the sound of the song reminds me of those inspirational songs i would sometimes hear on the radio. But overall I love the song and the message behind it, Tae has grown not only as a human being but as an artist as well and i love how tae is experimenting with different sounds and genres.

🤝🏻Friends - vmin!😭 "hello my alien" " we're soulmate" " hey, jimin today" " like your tiny pinky" aghhhh these lyrics are too cute!😍 their vocals and the harmonization was beautiful, you can really feel the emotion of how they just have this appreciation and admiration for one another. I love the chorus, and how catchy it is, And the lyrics about their friendship are just too sweet. Talking about how they met, their first impressions of one another, how they went to school together, how they know everything about one another. And even how when the cheering dies down, that no matter what they'll always stay by each other's side. This is the true meaning of a soulmate friendship. Vmin truly are soulmates. ♡Vmin♡

🌙Moon - MY VOCAL KING!!!!!😭 his vocals yall, those vocals!!! Jin sounded so beautiful, oh my god, i cant. Like wow. He sounded so freaking amazing. The feeling of the song does have this moon/space kinda feel as well as a contemporary rock/ballad style to it as well. I like the echo affects in his voice, the tone of the song almost sounds sad and ambient. But gives off a outerspace/ atmosphere sound as well. The lyrics are so beautiful and, you can really feel the emotion in his voice and his vocals. I can't help but feel sad, i feel like this song he made for us army, somehow feels like something else, but thinking about it makes me sad, but the time will eventually come and we all must face it, Jin isnt just a moon he's our whole galaxy, just like Army is to him. Love you jin♡

✊🏻Respect - was not expecting the "should i go? or should i stay? Part lol but it added a fun element to the song along with the old school hip hop beats. It has a chill feel to it, its a song you can relax to, and a perfect song to drive to. really like how the song is like a conversation between namgi. And I love the overuse of autotune, it's like they were saying ya know what? idgaf what ya'll say about "...they use too much autotune" im gonna do just that Lmao. Overall it's a fun song with a nice old school hip hop flare to it. Namgi did that. RESPECT.

🔫🛡We are bulletproof : the eternal
This song is so beautiful and sad at the same time. The lyrics are heartbreaking, but it's true. "We were only seven" "we're now seven with you" to me says that it was just them, they were just 7 ordinary bboy with dreams and passions, and now that they've worked hard to pursue their dreams and passions It finally paid off. Cause its not just the 7 of them anymore, they have people all over the world who love and support them, they have an ARMY behind them.♡ this song gives off the feeling as thought it's like the end of an era, it just has this feeling of something coming to an end. I love the beat and how it starts out slow and it seems to have this sound almost as if their waves?! Like in "sea" when you can hear the ocean sounds. I also love how as the song progresses, it gets more upbeat and loud and isn't as soft as the beginning, its like the boys are yelling out exactly how they feel in the song.
I also feel like the way they said " we are bulletproof" in the chorus sounds similar to how la rouge says bulletproof in the chorus of her song "bulletproof"
BTS: "Tell me why your still walking with us." ARMY: "Because you never walk alone."💜

🙂🌼Ego - i love this song so much and the MV as well, it makes me feel happy lol. How can you not smile when you hear this?! The chorus is so catchy, once you hear it, you'll have it stuck in your head for a while. I love the trumpet sounds in the chorus as well, i really like the beats, and the piano sounds as well, it adds a nice calm yet energetic feel to the song. I love how hobi says his verses, the whole feel to the song has a feeling of being carefree, and letting go. And i Love that. I thought the womans voice towards the end of the song was maybe adora, but then i was like nope, that don't sound like her, turns out the woman singing at the end is @ sumsumgreer on twitter and instagram! Make sure to follow her guys! She's incredibly talented!

So that's it for my typed reaction/review. Hope you guy's enjoyed this, So proud of our boys, they weren't lying when they said this album was gonna be better and harder. This album is incredible and all the songs are bops bops bops! let me know which tracks were your faves off the album!
Mine are " Black Swan, ON, UGH!, and Louder than bombs.
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