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Image by ℰ𝑙𝑙𝑦 | mɑtching w/Annɑ & Mer ♡︎

Hey guys
So so sorry for being so inactive the last few weeks, I am really busy with school work and with some summer activities I am partecipating to (til next week). I'm sorry if I don't read ur dms immediately or something, just know that I'm not going to be Soo active 🥺 I haven't had time to edit lately too but I have an edit ready (but it is for an edit war so I have to wait for the round to finish for posting it) and I have also things planned:
- Madelaine petsch
- Maddie Ziegler
- Ava Max
- Loren Gray
- Marzia Kjellberg
And more maybe ;) (I think some of these will be in my next theme too because this one would be too long lmao 😂)

Idk who will even read this lmao it's just some updates :)

Have a good day! Love you guys 💞

#remixed from @bocabee