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Hey Image by 𝐏𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐋| π€πƒβ™‘οΈŽπ‘π„ 𝐂𝐇𝐔

Hey guys.

So as you saw i wasnβ€˜t online for a long time. Iβ€˜ll be taking a break. My parents saw my Wattpad (about 2 Weeks ago) and i logged out of whi to keep it safe. Iβ€˜ve also lost interest in Editing and posting for the Moment. Today iβ€˜ll be talking about 3 Things.


So 1 Week ago i stopped having a crush on him and told him. Since then weβ€˜ve been good friends, but still itβ€˜s akward. Iβ€˜ve had a LITTLE crush on his Best Friend later on, and heres the weird thing:

So for this lets give them two Names, Im not using their real ones so lets call them β€žRickyβ€œ (My β€žCrushβ€œ) and β€žJoshuaβ€œ (his Best Friend)

So when i had a Crush on Ricky, Joshua searched Eye Contact w/ me a lot. When i had a LITTLE crush on Joshua, (which Ricky knew cause i told him) He searched Eye Contact w/ me. My Friend (lets call her Jade) told me that she knew why, but she cant tell me, she promised Ricky and Joshua to never tell me what is going on.


If any of you have Animal Crossing: New Horizons pls Comment, we can share Dodo Codes, Friend Codes WHATEVER and visit our Islands, i need Items in the Cottagecore style, and Spring flowers (im Playing in Fall since its Fall, almost Winter here) Tyyyy

And now this is a Big Moment..


As you all know ive been a LGBTQ+ Ally and always supported it w/ my heart. Well...turns out i am Bisexual. So i am coming out as Bisexual...iβ€˜ve only told two of my Friends, and now the challenge is my Parents.

So if you have any questions about that you can ask, but lemme just answer the main things:

-I do like Boys AND Girls, but i donβ€˜t prefer one.
-I can definitely see myself in a Relationship w/ a Girl.
-Iβ€˜ve had a Crush on 3 Girls in my Life (flashbacks omg).
-If you donβ€˜t accept that/me, fuck off my acc and go to hell.
-Can somebody give Tips on coming out to my Parents?? PLEASEEE?.?

So thats it for today...iβ€˜m not rly making a big deal out of it on the Internet...also STREAM CONFETTI OMG THE ALBUM! ITS MY FAV! I literally canβ€˜t choose a fav song! AND WHY IS NOTHING BUT MY FEELINGS SO GOOD?? and My Love Wonβ€˜t Let You Down is playing..

Byeeeeeee πŸ’•πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ’”

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