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•Hey guys-! (Or you random Image by I quit 🤡💕✨

•Hey guys-! (Or you random person who are reading this -w-)

•So as you can see I'm quitting PicsArt… I've been really inactive (mainly always) also I have some other personal issues that affect my mental health.

•I won't delete the account, I'll just delete my posts, so I'll be liking other posts and seeing them. But I definitely won't post anymore.

•I MAY do an Instagram account, but I'm not sure yet. If I do it I'll tell it here if anyone wanna go around and see (tbh I don't think someone will TvT)

•And well finally I would like to thank the people who has support me during this time here. And people who has inspired me to do many things.

•Now is time to say goodbye. For the people who are going through something bad rn don't worry because by the time everything will be even better so keep it up the little work you do every day, because it's really worth it and don't give up.

[Some of my idols]:
《Sorry for pinging and bothering》 @sm0l_blo0m @laura_wolfie @_unknxwn-mxnster_ @ivony__

♡Thanks for reading♡
☆Have a nice day uwu☆