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hey guys! long time no see lol, and Image by left.

hey guys!
long time no see lol, and eve is back but not for a good reason.
i'm here to say my goodbye to all of you
sadly i no longer can keep up in here, picsart has changed, it's no longer the warm and happy place that it used to be. it became more toxic then ever. and i'm kinda busy with school now, so yeah i choose to leave from here. i no longer have reasons to be here, my friends are gone too.
it was amazing being here, watching myself improve with my editing skills, having new friends, and it's just a really happy moment.
i'm really glad to be here and meet all of you. i'll always love you all, you guys have a special place in my heart <3
i'm sorry for leaving and doing this, i'm really am. i tried to stay, but i can't. for all of your requests, i'm sorry i have to cancel all of it. i know this is really unprofessional but i don't have motivations to do it.
i'll still be here, but no longer active (by that i meant that i'm not deleting picsart nor this account). i may come back? but i don't think i will. tbh i never thought this day will come but here i am saying my goodbye. i'm sorry.
if you guys still want to keep up with me, find me in amino, i'm still active there. or pinterest and maybe YouTube. sorry but i don't have any other social media to share with you guys.
also, pls remove my name from your taglist if u added me, thank you ♡

to my friends: @husushi_edits @lcvinghan @sky-bts @-seoulpark- @meanbunnykookie @monkey-kim @-adoralix- @toastymin @thedreamyboyz @-haely @jkscft- @lovingminho and some others...

i just wanna say, thank you for being my friends. i'll always love you guys, pls don't be sad for me leaving. always take care of yourself, stay safe <3

i'll always love you guys.
thank you for being my friends,
thank you for being there for me,
thank you for everything,
i'll miss you, but i'm here to say my goodbye.
goodbye for now, let's just hope we will find each other again <3

tagging you all for the last time,
Taglist: @mochx_tea @-seoulpark- @strawberry_lix @soft_yeom @_smol_ren @glossyjieun @vvs_tyline @-adoralix- @yutacular @auroratiny @haneybvn @eomma_soobin @chxnii1 @ysongkang @-lost_in_paradise- @happypurplerose @bts_studiio @-moonsmilk- @httpslani- @the_chipmunk_ @taekooknochu @strangerskittles @kyunwii- @mystxc_ @-taegguk- @taetantae @lovingminho @scftminho- @waterlemun @loviingyoongii_ @aaryanraghavan @shadow_pxxches _

byebye, stay safe, take care!♡