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mamamoo mamamoosolar Image by posting hiatus sorry

hey guys its meee
new edit lessgo

🎆aesthetic-purple kinda disco lol
🎆person: Solar (Kim Yongsun) -Mamamoo
🎆time taken: 4hrs 18mins 😳
🎆my grade: im really proud of this one tehe 9/10
🎆fav part: oo idk im happy that i succeeded in adding the “tattoo” and changing the lip color but i like the eyes and hair too haha
🎆hashtag: #mamamoo #mamamoosolar #solar #manipedit #purple #kpop
🎆creds/apps used: ibispaintx & polarr
Polarr filter “Beautiful to me” by @//rxxthfilters

brushes @soso_bts_v on pa @purpletaetaely on pa
Mochuu desu from pint
Haru from pint
rinadazzle from pint
@//caren$ha from pint @sanieworld- on pa
@//cottagielle and @rosespersona for sharing the code

Keep in mind i dont have all the actual @s of the creators on pinterest, i just put the names that were visible on the photo i imported, but i put the actual @ of the people who commented under the post so i could see the name of their pint acc.
Also, i don’t use brushes of every single of these creators on all of my edits, but its just easier for me to paste this text in the creds then to dig and investigate which brush i used bc i dont really pay attention to it while i edit.
Hope thats okay :)
make sure to check out these creators and give them some love for creating and sharing these amazing brushes!
if you want to try out the brushes i used, feel free to ask in the comments and ill share the code, but please give creds to the original creators not me!

🎆song: kill this love by bp
🎆note: hope u like this, now im gonna go study for a chemistry contest tmrw 😅


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