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avaspotato Hey hi Image by Welcome to Avas Tea Shop!

Hey hi hello-

Reposts are really apreciated😻❤️⚡

I have like a bunch of stuff to tell you guys, so just continue to read😌

1. I have deleted almost EVERY SINGLE POST I HAVE EVER MAKED, and the reason why is because my irl bestie went through my acc-

(more exactly she just scrolled through it and looked on the pictures)

and she was like “dude why the hell have you posted things like this???” And when i looked back on them I felt really ashamed over myself😔

I almost ended up in a fight at school this week- dont ask- I- I had a really bad day- (I got punched multible times-)

I really want to cuddle my gf rn- (idk why i am telling you guys that and I really hope she doenst see this cus I know she got picsart-) 😳

The rules for the edit contest will come out tommorow hopefully 😅

I went through all my drawings in my notebook that I am supposed to take notes with at school, it was 18 or 19 drawings😳

Those are all the drawings i have drawing during classes since school started-

I habe a problem-

I will probably start with spacers cus I feel like my acc need some refreshing, and I have already deleted most of my posts

You can go to the public posts section if you wanna see the few posts I saved there

Alex (the character you guys made) will be switched out with a character I made during my phone was gone (cus Idk how to make them anymore and I really like the character I made back this week 👉👈)

Well yea Imma try to learn Japanese on Duolingo from now on cus I was bored 😌

Aaaaaaand how to flirt in german (I realized that was possible to learn so I want to try 😤)

I am joining the small-head-people community in gacha cus i found out that I really like my character this way 😻

I havent been editing so much lately, cus inpiration ran away from me again😢

Well by for now my potato beans!!! #avaspotato (idk what my life is now)

@hanako-kun-117 @jessiebear2020 @jana_catqueenxx @-m00n_ @karma1906 @black_fox_and_co @x_oof-natalia_x @-king_sin_of_sloth- @-ravxen @-_f4r_f3tched_- ❤️ love y’all so much and know that you are valid, if no one says that I will be the one to tell you, you are valid❤️