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intro Image by my recents are flopping badly

hey! i realized i’ve never done a proper intro so here we go: i’m @therandomizerrr and i started this acc to share some of my ugly edits! yay?

idk what to say so imma talk a bit bout myself:
-i’m a huge arianator and blink
-i’m obsessed with doggos and keetys
-i’m hungry :)
-i make loads of edits, none of which are any good
-i have a stuffed panda [dOn’T jUdGe mE]
-feel free to dm me if you need anything or just wanna talk

some stuff about my posts:
-different types of edits, and i’ve been thinking about starting complex...
-always trying out new styles
-likes and reposts are highly appreciated
-please don’t judge me if you don’t like what i create. if you deem anything offensive, kindly contact me before accusing me
-probably some bandwagons and spam posts bc why not 🙃

and... that’s pretty much it! thank you so much for reading! stay safe! also don’t mind the random picture of ari :)
#newaccount #intro #introduction #ariana #arianator #blink #arianagrande #whatsup #dmme #bored