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sorry Image by livi is sanzzyπŸ™„πŸ˜Œ | TYSM FOR 800!!!!


so this was my collab w @fqiryclairo , but they deleted their acc so-
ik that billie has a user saver, @-gayfrogs so uhm
bils, if you see this, please lmk if you're okay. I rlly miss ya and ik that you've been having a hard time recently, so uh, yeah. I cant remeber the @ of billies gf they told be abt, but if someone out there knows what's going on, please tell me :(

I'll credit people in the comments I have to find the @'s for my side.

btw, I'm so sry I'm not that active. life irl is pretty shit atm. so, yeah, sorry. I'm thinking of taking a break, idk. if I do I'll still be active on @lcvelyliv- and @livispamsss so yeah.

I'm gonna post a rant on @livispamsss bc I'm not doing too great ✌

mkay ba bye

✨ @-flcwerpcwer πŸ’Œ @xxaashi_studiosxx ✨ @httpslush- πŸ’Œ @ftmultxfndom
✨ @pineappple_ πŸ’Œ @-stqrdust
✨ @cqndystore- (AAAAARYYYYY)
πŸ’Œ @svnnyglcss ✨ @lyly_are_lyla
πŸ’Œ @noelleisapro ✨ @lcvelyliv- (my help acc hehe)
πŸ’Œ @-xbenedictex- (ilysm b <3)
✨ @livispamsss (my spam acc it's fun)
πŸ’Œ @oliviadiangelo ✨ @cailyn_animal
πŸ’Œ @blackrainbow_edit ✨ @moosiebear61 πŸ’Œ @pinkpeqrl ✨ @amcstris (KAY!! ILYYY)
πŸ’Œ @madi_louisel ✨ @natalia_ashworth
πŸ’Œ @acai-dove ✨ @ghostiniero (awkward loser gang😎)
πŸ’Œ @-hqppy-gxrl- ✨ @glccm- πŸ’Œ @xsushiloverx ✨ @thelastsuga
πŸ’Œ @milxy_tae ✨ @tehepineapple
πŸ’Œ @astroqworld- ✨ @werid_boilol πŸ’Œ @majorglitch ✨ @funghxul- (uNcLe cHrIs pff)
πŸ’Œ @prxmises- ✨ @angclhelps- πŸ’Œ @sqlftitlqd- (nOaaAaA)
✨ @3xl0v3rs (I miss our chaotic talk😼)
πŸ’Œ @edgywrld ✨ @profilefanpages πŸ’Œ @cocoquinnxbutterflys
✨ @izukumidoriya872 πŸ’Œ @blackberry_shortie ✨ @erygachauwu
πŸ’Œ @aesthetic_redhead_12 ✨ @sidviscousisthebest_ πŸ’Œ @islqndofashlee (aaaaaAAAASH)
✨ @hcdes (nEw fRiEnDDDd)

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#freetoedit #sorry #jazminbean #jazminbeanedit #jazminbeanaesthetic #emo #goth #pastelgoth #lolita #saccharine #hellokitty #pesticides #worldwidetorture #yanderejazminbean #stanjazminbeanforclearskinhaaaahahaha

mkay bye