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hi everyone! so as you may Image by we love u nina.

hi everyone!

so as you may know, this is ava. if u don’t know me, hi i’m ava nice to meet u! so basically my old account got hacked. i lost a lot, my edits, my 1k, my dms.. but overall i’m happy that i get a fresh start! so thanks hacker! anyway before i start my theme, i don’t know if you are actually gonna read this bUt here we go anyway:

i started picsart i don’t know when. i started because i wanted to make something in an ad i saw. when that didn’t really work out, i started making some billie eilish edits. i loved them so much! my parents then found out about my love for editing, and got me superimpose! i was so happy because whenever i was bored, i would always watch “watch me edit” videos. and most of them were on superimpose, which gave me a head start so i kinda new my way around it. here are some things about my account:

• i try to post everyday. if i don’t, i’m either busy or something hehe
• i will posts several themes. some themes i will include are complex edits, outlines, anatomies, and requests!
• my dms are always open. and so are requests! you can request anything from a pfp to an edit!
• i will also be posting some edit help. i will post things such as backgrounds, apps i use, etc.
• i love interacting with all of you! replying to comments, answering dms, and all that good stuff just makes my day. ☺️
•i am still trying to recover. i’m not really that sad that somebody hacked me, but it does hurt a lot. all my edits were there, but i have none saved. if any of you guys have screenshots of my old edits to post, that would be great!
• i post aesthetics as well. my aesthetic is mostly art hoe mixed with a little bit of vintage.
• i do cuss sometimes. only when i need to. if you don’t want me to cuss, please tell me! i will understand.
• i do not just post about one celebrity. i stan many. i don’t wanna list them, so you will see them in upcoming posts.

well that’s all for now! i hope you enjoy my content!

ava ✨