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felix leefelix Image by posting hiatus sorry

Hi Blimeys, i’m back with a new edit😆
I tried to do a manip edit for the first tim ever and this is how it turned out...yall manip pros, dont be shy, give me some tips and advise, it would be very useful tehe

👽type: manipulation edit oml not aesthetic simple or kinda sorta complex for the first time wow
👽aesthetic: -idk
👽person: Felix- Stray Kids
👽my grade: ima give myself a pat on the back, im proud how it turned out and that i finally tried the manip type of edit! But ik i have so much more to learn, so expect more manip edits soon! My grade is like 7.5/10 since ik its not the most revolutionary thing ever but its cute
👽hashtags: #felix #leefelix #straykids #skz #skzfelix #manipulationedit #kpop #kpopedit #straykidsedit #straykidsfelix 👽creds: AESTAETIC on yt, i followed their tutorial to make this, polarr filter and special thanks to @lovingjisung for giving me advice and helping me pick a filter 💟
👽apps: ibis paint x for the edit, pa for watermark and polarr for filter
👽time taken: idk in the app it says 5:46 idk if it took me that long lol
👽more: yo these edits are hard af to make but its fun thoo

👽song: nct127- regular eng version holy moly what a bop
👽note: well i need to study and there are more holidays coming up and schools starting in 2 weeks.....that doesnt make any sense lol

Anyways i hope you guys like this edit, have a nice day/night <3

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