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hyunjin Image by kiki is on a hiatus!

#freetoedithi guys! this is really hard for me to say but pastel editing it stressing me out,, its so hard to find time to search for the right photos to edit, for the right inspo, for the right overlays yknow this and that...this edit took wayyy longer than it shouldve because my dumbass is picky about my edits and they usually end up always looking the same,,,, I dont really have time for this anymore anyway school has been way more hectic than I expected and christ no I am not gonna stop editing or leave picsart but for now im gonna stop doing birthday edits, so its something off my shoulders.....I hope thats fine with you guys......it literally just means ill be doing immensely less edits I hope thats okay maybe once I have time I can poke in and finally take requests or something but yeah thats all I love you guys! have a hyunjin who I love very much💛💛
#hwanghyunjin #hyunjin #straykidshyunjin #straykids #kpop