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somi jeonsomi somijeon Image by posting hiatus sorry

Hi, hello, how are you guys doing? I’m fine, here’s my new edit! Can you believe it?! I finally posted wowww😂

Edit info:
📺edit type- idk whats this style called smh
📺aesthetic- retro, used to be red and blue before i put this (marvelous) filter lol
📺person- Somi (Jeon Somi) 🤍luv her
📺time taken- i had a bunch of versions before i got to this one but about 1.30hrs idk
📺credits- pinterest for the bg and the somi photos, @itszzy_limelight for trying to help me how to improve the first version but then i re-did the whole thing haha, and this amazing polarr filter(a custom one i found on pinterest) (shameless promo: follow me on pinterest @//bean_mochi_chu)
📺my grade- i like it, especially the colors since i’ve been doing pastels in my latest edits (which were like 3 months ago but lets not talk about that) so 8.5/10 since it isn’t anything revolutionary but still cute
📺hashtags- #somi #jeonsomi #somijeon #kpop #kpopedit #aesthetic #retro #retroedit #retroaesthetic #kpopsoloist
📺more- feels good to finallt make an edit, i hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did🤗

📺song- treasure mmm (such a fricking bop i can’t)
📺note- no stealy, wish me luck on studying history and maths tomorow😫

Love you blimeys, have a nice day and stay safe💖


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