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Hi! I decided to take a break for a little bit, because I was stressed out. I posted my post about leaving, and it became filled with so many loving and wonderful comments! πŸ’“
I wanted to thank everyone who commented and because of you I am going to stay! πŸ₯°Thank you so much for all of the love!πŸ’˜
I do not know if I am going to do all of my requests for now, but I am back! ❀️
Thank you to these wonderful people specific for being amazing!:
{πŸ’Ÿ} happiness_is_key - you dont know how much you mean to me lol you make me so happy!!
{πŸ’Ÿ} @awieeally- {πŸ’Ÿ} @bubbly_addison {πŸ’Ÿ} @thejaceplace {πŸ’Ÿ} @martinezluv- {πŸ’Ÿ} @diorcupids {πŸ’Ÿ} @asthericgirl {πŸ’Ÿ} @angel_3407 - I love you so much!!
{πŸ’Ÿ} @axsthetic_hxwkins {πŸ’Ÿ} @lovesdoggos {πŸ’Ÿ} @luhv_lilly {πŸ’Ÿ} @beautifulangelgirl12 {πŸ’Ÿ} @stargazingalways {πŸ’Ÿ} @aestheticcelebzz {πŸ’Ÿ} @airheadraes- {πŸ’Ÿ} @cherryvsxx {πŸ’Ÿ} @spyspark
{πŸ’Ÿ} @soft_gift_shiper {πŸ’Ÿ} @north_flower {πŸ’Ÿ} @-diqr
{πŸ’Ÿ} @north_flower {πŸ’Ÿ} @swtniqht {πŸ’Ÿ} @thatoneweirdolol {πŸ’Ÿ} @enjoyit_whileitlasts

I love you!😘 @stickerproducer
My friends!
{πŸ’ž} @angel_3407 - nicest person in the whole world, ilysm
{πŸ’ž} @xxxfanedits101xxx - incredibly nice
{πŸ’ž} @adorablechrisevans - super nice and caring!
{πŸ’ž} @likeahoestage - amazing person!
{πŸ’ž} @elena_luv - super nice!
{πŸ’ž} @minapinna4 - her account is so cool, and she is so nice!
{πŸ’ž} @badass_sweetheart - super nice and her edits are so good!
{πŸ’ž} @acute_angels - nicest person ever, go follow them!
{πŸ’ž} @iceedamelio - edits are so good!
{πŸ’ž} @star_107 - so nice, edits are incredible!
{πŸ’ž} @bxddiehypehouse - edits are amazing!
{πŸ’ž} @awluvly - amazing people, and they are so kind!!
{πŸ’ž} @happiness_is_key nicest person ever, im so lucky to know you!

My Idols!
{πŸ‘‘} @chatty_celebrities - my idol, such an angel, extremely talented, ilysssm
{πŸ‘‘} @dharmi__ {πŸ‘‘} @bellapoarch {πŸ‘‘} @itsdixiedamelio- {πŸ‘‘} @-itscharlidamelio {πŸ‘‘} @meeori - you inspired me to start making stickers! I love you so so much, and keep being an incredible person!

My fanpages!

My normal taglist!
{πŸ’«} @jaowzer {πŸ’«} @stargazingalways {πŸ’«} @kawiikid {πŸ’«} @ticcitoby_346 {πŸ’«} @queenzxox {πŸ’«} @melodies_edits {πŸ’«} @katie_joy1 {πŸ’«} @bestie_celeb_edits {πŸ’«} @gabby_mouse {πŸ’«} @rj_412 {πŸ’«} @lani_jade5 {πŸ’«} @bcba_anime {πŸ’«} @astrc-rosie {πŸ’«} @_sxftiewhxte_ {πŸ’«} @-eqrth {πŸ’«} @miraculousxmarinette {πŸ’«} @xxsunsetwolfxx {πŸ’« } @aecervantes24 {πŸ’«} @crazy_celebs
{πŸ’«} @crazy_celebs {πŸ’«} @nicolehayward13 {πŸ’«} @sleelil {πŸ’«} @stophatingg {πŸ’«} @boiwhyuhere {πŸ’«} @duxanny {πŸ’«} @addy_stars {πŸ’«} @i_dont_care1123 {πŸ’«} @shxdowlxtte {πŸ’«} @vintagetearsxx {πŸ’«} @jaclynn_edits17 {πŸ’«} @poopiecheese {πŸ’«} @hewwo-kittens {πŸ’«} @saradaproediter {πŸ’«} @ii_aesthetic_angel {πŸ’«} @bcba_anime {πŸ’«} @jelly_babie- {πŸ’«} @deetimeisuponus {πŸ’«} @zournatsidouv {πŸ’«} @stcr_nichxs {πŸ’«} @disneyqueen- {πŸ’«} @periella {πŸ’«} @azatator {πŸ’«} @strawberrycow208 {πŸ’«} @deeppink {πŸ’«} @always_pretty {πŸ’«} @life_is_awesome_ {πŸ’«} @adietay {πŸ’«} @hmong_is_my_life {πŸ’«} @bcba- {πŸ’«} @glxmy {πŸ’«} @ticcitoby_346 {πŸ’«} @glcssyjace- {πŸ’«} @caramel-ella {πŸ’«} @awluvly {πŸ’«} @emmeheick {πŸ’«} @grannymyszkaisback {πŸ’«} @bbpeanut123 {πŸ’«} @aditings {πŸ’«} @hippie_dippie {πŸ’«} @stxrrymidnight {πŸ’«} @mynameis_olive {πŸ’«} @imma_potterhead {πŸ’«} @glcssyvintxge {πŸ’«} @_stqwberri_ {πŸ’«} @uhnailea {πŸ’«} @fqirydxst- {πŸ’«} @hermione5000 {πŸ’«} @wowsa_ {πŸ’«} @charlix_editsz {πŸ’«} @loveromine_and_hinny {πŸ’«} @reccos13 {πŸ’«} @louis_peaches {πŸ’«} @izzxiiae {πŸ’«} @lovesdoggos {πŸ’«}

Charli’s Dunkins!
{🍩} @charcharoofical
{🍩} @charletto_fantasy {🍩} @pumpkindunkindamelio {🍩} @xxbb_bearxx {🍩} @charo_art {🍩} @charlidunkinlove6 {🍩} @chardixisonavaqueen {🍩} @awhxchacha {🍩} @liah_hinsen {🍩} @-itscharli- {🍩} @totescharli {🍩}

Bella’s Bees!
{🐝} @celebsxedits {🐝} @catstheticsssss {🐝} @bellapoarch_fanedits {🐝} @bellapoarch01 {🐝} @angel_aesthetic- {🐝}

Addison’s Sunraes!
{β˜€οΈ} @addisons_cutie {β˜€οΈ}

Avani’s Clowns!
{🀑} @lilpapiclowngirl_ {🀑} @-sun_flowxrs- {🀑}

Billie’s Avocados!
{πŸ₯‘} @obviouslygryffindor

James’s Sisters!
{🎨} @dontbeshyaddsomemore
Sky’s Rainbows!
{🌈} @ilysfmeli
The Savatores’ Sires!
{🩸} @hope_saltman
{🩸} @just_have_fun_ {🩸} @bluecleverwolf {🩸} @tvdluhv {🩸} @tvd_lover1864 {🩸} @vampirediariestvd {🩸} @tvdtoandlegacies {🩸} @stargazingalways {🩸}

Draco’s Wands!
{🐍} @harini_dave10 {🐍} @brannansienna {🐍} @slytherin_pottah {🐍} @zoelavernehunn {🐍} @heyitshannah335 {🐍} @ily_harry_hermione {🐍} @greatffindxor-

The Hargreeves’ Umbrellas!
{β˜‚οΈ} @xxbellaxx_666 {β˜‚οΈ} @-swqn
{β˜‚οΈ} @xhigh_vib3s {β˜‚οΈ}

Harry’s Watermelons!
{πŸ‰} @bhaktibajadeja12 {πŸ‰} @harry_styles_cute
{πŸ‰} @buggiebilliecone
{πŸ‰} @awh_scqrlet

BTS’ army!
{🎀} @watermeloneyt {🎀} @seokjinaaa_ {🎀} @-chxrry_coke {🎀} @wonder_editzzz {🎀} @btsarmyforever09
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