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Hi I know that this Image by i'm one in a million💜

I know that this isno't a perfect edit but that what i can do
I dont feel good cause i am not good anymore
I start to hate everything...i mean everything!
Ask me why?
My best friend hate me💔
My another best friend has to leave me alone and travel with his famly and thay wiil never back cause thay live now in city that is not my city and i
Miss him😭💔
Everyone that i know hate me🤕
I was in the hospital for three days and no one care of me🙂
What i going in my life can someone tell me?!
And i just wanna die now
I dont know what to do
I fu*cking hate me and hate my life

Its everything for now☺💔
Ppl that i wiil loce forever😭@everglow_official @twicetagram_off @itzy_alll_in_us @redvelvet__smtown @hi_sseulgi_ @lee_hyunki @nayeon_twicejyp @momo_twicejyp @mina_twicejyp @sana_twicejyp @jihyo_twicejyp @dahyun_twicejyp @chaeyoung_twicejyp @tzuyu_twicejyp @jeongyeon_twicejyp @miiyayeah @_dlwlrma_ @mamamoo_official @mo__onbyul @blackpink-official