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vanhalen vanhalenforever Image by Kara 😁

Hi! I know I havent posted in while and im super sorry for it. Ive just been busy with some things. But, im back! Todays post is differnt from my other ones but Its dedicated to a great man and musician. It features Eddie Van Halen who died earlier today due to throat cancer. His music had an impact on my life and many other’s. 🥺He will live on in everyones hearts and will nver be Forgotten. Rest in Peace Eddie Van Halen. We love you!❤️
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I havent posted in a while and if I forgot u in the taglist or if you want to be added just comment! Love you Queenies so much! Rock on Darlings! #vanhalentributeband #vanhalen #vanhalenforever #eddievanhalen #restinpeace #weloveyou #rocknroll #classicrock