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hi ill try to keep this Image by posting hiatus sorry

ill try to keep this short

welp im going on a break kinda sorta pretty much
i got in trouble and my mom was mad and disappointed, we did sort it out but i got a reality check.. i realised ive been pretty passive in terms of school and preparations for really important exams and too distracted by stuff that isnt that important. I realised i have no time to waste on random yt videos and endless scrolling on pa and pinterest.

I deleted all the voting apps i had, including choeaedol which im not sure i have the password for so idek it ill able to get back on that acc. I deleted pinterest too, i did log in today online (not in the app) i turned off yt notifications aswell.
I deleted pa too. But i downloaded it back again to tell you guys this.

I’ll be on a break for some time, untill i get back on track and work out how to balance free time and school work. I’ll maybe log in sometimes to socialize but i cant promise to edit much. It just takes up a lot of time and i cant let myself get distracted.

So, ill probably be on a posting break untill the end of march or something like that idk.

Btw i realised that its been about a year since i made this acc so thats cool ig haha
Thanks for all the love and support you guys endlessly show me, i really appreciate it
We’ve come a long way in this chaotic year and i hope to hang out with all of you for even longer.❤️

But sadly thats on hold for now, but please don’t worry much about me because i know this is the right thing.

Btw as i said i deleted pinterest too but my acc still exists so if u dm me, ill see it after some time when i feel like logging in.

Thank you again, bye for now, see you later
Love you all blimeys, stay safe, take care of yourself and always keep in mind whats important and what your priorities are!❤️ #break


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